What are the Common Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid?

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What are the Common Home Selling Mistakes to Avoid?

Selling or buying a home in South Carolina’s second largest city Charleston, situated along the low country coast of South Carolina, is a great investment. In fact, housing in most of the largest metros across the country has been rising year-over-year. Homeowners have adopted a trend of maximizing equity whenever their houses hit the real estate markets. Here are some of the most avoidable seller or buyer mistakes that any homeowner should steer clear of:


Not hiring the right agent (or any): It’s always prudent to seek a professional real estate agent’s input whenever you hit the real estate market. Selling a home by yourself takes longer and leads to settling for far less than the real worth of your property. A good agent will guide you through every step of the way until the house is sold for a good value.


Skipping the essential preparation: Deciding to sell your home is one thing, but making the necessary preparation is another. You only have one chance to make a great first impression for your property that will translate to better value, as compared to possibly miscalculating yourself into a rushed process. Prepare enough time to make the proper repairs, declutter, upgrade landscaping and possibly repaint the house before you stage it in the competitive market. Ensure that all the small cosmetic issues, water stains, stained carpets or anything that can be a red flag to potential buyers have been fully addressed. It can cost less money out of pocket to repair the house than the potential losses that you may incur if your buyers see the house in disrepair. Now, you can guess which repairs will be the most efficient, or you can find a knowledgeable agent to give you the proper information on what will really give you the most bang for your buck.


Staging with poor photos: Lousy photos will turn off your potential buyers because they don’t position your house’s best accessories properly.  A well-executed marketing plan incorporates hiring a professional commercial photographer with enough experience in the real estate field to have the job done right the first time. With so many items being digital nowadays, online home buyers rely on excellent photos when selecting houses before contacting the buyer for viewing or going any further in the process. Don’t be like the thousands of sellers who use poor photos to stage their houses on the virtual online market.


Poor pricing of your home: Don’t overprice or underprice your property. Being able to decide the right price point for your home is the great difference between more money in your pocket at signing, or time (and stress) spent wasted and watching time pass. Your agent should consult with you extensively when evaluating the current market prices of similar homes that have sold in your area. Make sure you have the right knowledge and right agent that will give you the best advantage to keep more of your money.


Selling Your House Empty: A home should be well accessorized or dressed before being staged. An empty house will make your potential buyers feel just as empty. Creating space in the right locations and emphasizing the proper places can be the difference between what makes a house look authentic and homely, compared to one that highlights no emotions when a potential buyer stops by to check out their potential new home. Investing and knowing the right professional designer can give your home a look that will delight your buyers as soon as they walk in.


Negotiating poorly: To get a good win-win situation in any worthy negotiation requires that you don’t let yourself get in your own way from success. Just like in any other business transaction, an agent that knows how to play the hand right is the difference between being successful and leaving the table empty handed.


Bad timing and taxes: None of us like taxes, but the right agent will know how to sell for maximum tax benefits. An experienced real estate agent ought to know and guide you on the availability of any potential long-term capital gains tax breaks. You can also check your calendar so as to know when they apply.


Avoid these mistakes in minimizing your home selling headaches and maximizing the dollars you’ll be keeping in your bank account. You can only get a gainful house selling transaction by getting it right the first time and therefore knowing the right agents to work with.


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Harleston Village, Charleston SC

Harleston Village


From the moss draped oaks lining the College of Charleston campus to the sailboats anchored in the Ashley River, Harleston Village is a slice of the good life in Charleston, South Carolina. Spanning from Calhoun Street down to Broad Street, Harleston Village occupies half of the peninsula that defines the historic Holy City.

History of Harleston Village

Named for John Harleston who once owned this land, the area was developed starting in 1770. The Harleston’s were active in government during the colonial period and were also known for the race horses they bred – racing at the local track now known as Hampton Park. Flanked by  The College of Charleston (itself founded in 1770) and the Medical University of South Carolina (founded in 1824), Harleston Village is immersed in Charleston’s history.


While Harleston Village retains the architecture and beauty of a bygone era, the area is vibrant. An eclectic mix of homeowners, visitors, college students and families stroll the streets and may even find themselves walking upon the lushly renovated grounds of Colonial Lake. This lake and it’s park are home to several events throughout the year, including the lighting of the Christmas tree erected in the center of the lake each year. Harleston Village is also home to Cannon Park, a large green space where residents let their dogs play around and people sit on park benches to enjoy a  lunch or packed picnic. A series of columns even mark one side of the park: an ode to the history of the former Thompson Auditorium.


One of the largest homes in the Village is the Wentworth Mansion. Originally built for the Rodgers family, the mansion is now a hotel and one of the most sought after reservations in town. The former carriage house boasts a spa and an award winning restaurant, Circa 1886. The mansion was tastefully preserved, and offers a look into history for those who visit it’s halls.


As Charleton is already known for, there are a variety of  eateries dotting the streets of Harleston Village for locals to choose from. Most notable is  Caviar and Bananas, a cafe and gourmet grocery that brews locally roasted King Bean coffee and stocks other local items. If you’re a pure coffee aficionado seeking to get some work done on your laptop or to catch up on a great book, Black Tap Coffee is a great place to check out. If you’re paw-ndering a great cafe to spend time with a furry loved one on a sunny day, you will find a pup friendly location in Sixty Bull Cafe with it’s tables lined outside (as well as delicious Caprese Grilled Cheese Sandwiches). Other places to grab a bite include the newly renovated Smith Street Pizza, Cafe Framboise and Queen Street Grocery. Worth crossing the street for is Persimmon Cafe, just across Calhoun Street -be sure to try the basil limeade!


If you find yourself appealing for a slight change of pace, the Charleston City Marina is just steps away from Harleston Village. Should a delicious breakfast (or dinner) and a great view of the water with the ocean breeze on your face be what you’re after, the Variety Store is a great restaurant that will help you get your fix. If you’re just seeking to grab something quick to drink for a guest (or yourself), the Wine Shop offers wines you won’t find elsewhere at great price points.


Charleston is already known for great food. The vast amount of great options in Harleston Village are literally just steps away from your home.


Harleston Village is an ideal Charleston location, with its proximity to the bustle and shopping on King street, as well as the placid tranquility of the Ashley river running along the Village’s border. The things that Charleston is known for – parks, flourishing window boxes on tall Single-houses, sailboats and delightful bites – can all be found in Harleston Village.


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How Much Should I Sell My Home For?

How Much Should I Sell My Home For_


When selling your home, choosing the right price point is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your asking price not only determines your profit or loss, but also how fast your home sells. Having the right realtor that knows what to emphasize and where you can get the most bang for your buck may be the difference between money in your pocket and money left on the table at signing.


Nonetheless, we know that deciding what price point to start with can be confusing. These tips will help you figure out how to get the maximum price for your real estate offering and only just a beginning of the knowledge we bring to the table here at Justin Thomas Real Estate.


The Right Appraisal

The right appraiser will visit your property and conduct a thorough inspection. Based on their observations, they will estimate an  overall value. Property value may be based on factors like location, condition of structures and landscape, features and improvements, and size or age of the lot.


If the appraisal estimate is a little lower than you’d like, renovations or redecorating may be considered in order to raise your home’s value.


 Local Homes

Next, it’s best to have a realtor that really knows the local area. A smart realtor with plenty of experience will understand how your home compares to those in your vicinity. Knowing this, they will be in a better position to understand how much your home is worth and how to position it among other homes.


 Home values in your neighborhood and  any homes that are currently for sale or recently sold are always considered when determining a price. We also consider homes that have similar features. Some important home features that may be considered during this comparison (and what you should be aware of) include:


-Number of bedrooms

-Number of bathrooms

-Age of home

-Size of property

-Square footage of home

-Location (proximity to schools, shops, commercial areas, etc)


There’s a saying that the five people closest to us are what we average out to. This is not be any different when it comes to homes and the area around you. The right realtor will understand this and be able to elevate the value your home is worth, the wrong realtor will settle for an average price.


Know the Range

A quality realtor will compare their research data to your appraisal. From that information, they will decide what is the absolute least that should be accepted for your home. This will constitute the low end of your price range. The high end of your price range should be as close to your estimate as possible.


Please note that your estimate may not be a realistic asking price, but we always seek to maximize the value of homes for our clients-never the less.  


Here’s an example. Your home is possibly valued at $350,000. During our research, it’s noticed that similar homes that have recently sold are priced around $275,000. Unless your property has an incredibly special feature or asset that others do not, your home is unlikely to sell for that full value. In that case, the high end of your price range is adjusted accordingly for current market conditions.


With the proper research, we attain what others have gotten for properties like yours. We compare those numbers to your appraisal estimate and then decide how much we think you can reasonably get for your property.


It’s always smarter to be prepared with the data of a value range for what your home is worth, rather than having a solid asking price as this eases negotiations and prevents unnecessary stress due to possibly unrealistic expectations.


Get Professional Help

A quality licensed, local real estate agent can simplify the process of pricing your home to sell altogether. Agents can access timely and accurate information on property conditions and values that non-agents cannot easily access. They analyze and interpret home value trends and market conditions every day, which allows them to more accurately estimate effective asking prices.

Seeking any professional guidance, we ask that you take your pricing decisions seriously and intelligently. The knowledge and time invested in the right realtor will be time and money well invested when you are signing the contract so the next owner of your home may move in.

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