How To Sell A Home While Living With Children?


Selling your home is not always as easy as 1,2,3. Even in a market like Charleston, it can still take time. It’s a process that can take a great deal of work for those seeking to sell. Before you can begin looking for prospective buyers, you have to make the house ‘showable’ and ‘presentable.’ I know that you’re probably already thinking that this means your home has to be uncluttered, clean, and looking it’s very best. Simple task, right? Yes, if you don’t have children running around that is! The very thought of how to sell a home while living with children might just be leaving you awestruck, as it can be a whole new challenge. Be assured though, a great and knowledgeable realtor will be able to help make this process as easy for you and your family as possible. 


Tips on Successfully Selling Your Home While Your Children Still Live with You

Children, especially young ones, have a lot of items that go along with them. There are more than likely several toy boxes and areas dedicated to play time in your home. These toys and areas are almost impossible to consistently keep clean, and your children could panic if you try to store any of their favorites. You might be wondering just how you will ever get the house ready for viewing? While it may be more of a challenge, it isn’t impossible, and with these few tips, you may soon find your home sold on the market.


Allow your Children to Pack

Giving your child the job of packing their possessions (if they are old enough) will make them feel they have more of a say and some control in this whole process. It will make them more willing helpers if they have a part in how and when it happens. You might seek to sit with your child and explain how some of their toys, books, and clothes will have to go away for a while, but they will come back out in the new home. This opportunity could also be an ideal time for your child to weed out those un-played with or unneeded toys and make a box for needy children (or for ones you may want to sell on eBay or Amazon).


If prospective buyers come through your home to view for a possible purchase and know you have children, they likely are not going to expect perfection and will likely be more understanding than you may think (note though that that doesn’t mean you can still leave tons of toys scattered around the place). Just don’t obsess too much about everything being in it’s absolute place as no one expects kids to be perfect and your home will not be judged if Tickle Me Elmo or fidget spinners were left out on a couch.


Prepare Ahead for Showings

Once your home is listed on the market, you need to have a plan in place where you and the kids can go when a call comes announcing a showing. This time can be stressful as your schedule will be interrupted and changed. Preparing ahead can make for a more fun and much less stressful time.


Ahead of time, be sure to prepare places to go that are fun and will make your children look forward to showings instead of dreading them. Some realtors will work with you to schedule showings at more appropriate times for your schedule; but sometimes it might not always be possible. Check with your realtor to see if there are times that work best for you that they can use as a guide for when to schedule the most views.


Take Photos of An Uncluttered Home

Pictures of your home should be taken with as little clutter showing as possible. This is the time when all the toys should be in their place, and all the extras are put or packed away. Clutter in a home photo is very distracting and displeasing to potential buyers. You can put away those everyday appliances such as toasters, coffee makers, and bathroom counter items. Clean up mantels, bookshelves, and anything that will show your home has room for more. Great photos will draw more potential buyers to view your home. Again, your home does not have to be clutter free and absolutely picture perfect all the time, but to optimize your opportunities and chances; this must be done when shots are taken of your home. A great and knowledgeable realtor will have experience and expertise on how to best stage your home for optimal success.


Selling your house while your children are still living at home can be much easier when you involve the kids in the process. Let them help you prepare (some of) the house and make the experience an adventure.


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How Much Have Homes In Charleston Appreciated Since 2008?


How Much Have Homes In Charleston Appreciated Since 2008?

When considering buying or selling in a real estate market, everyone is always concerned about a possible bubble and the corresponding consequences due to the housing crash of 2008. Many looking at the Charleston area may then be curious about how much have homes in Charleston appreciated since 2008?


As with other metropolitan areas around the US ever since 2008, greater Charleston has at times experienced a decline in home appreciation rates (specifically, each year between 2008 and 2011). During 2009 the housing market depreciated rapidly, resulting in a loss of almost eight percent. In 2012, there was a slight shift back towards positive values, followed by market appreciation rates rising in 2013 to 4.71 percent. Through the third quarter of 2014, the rates rose yet again by 5.8% in comparison to the previous year.


With these statistics, the real estate appreciation rates in Charleston were above the national average for all the markets in the country (overall).  Comprehensive data (provided by relevant national real estate experts) highlight the sales volumes in the Tri-County area through the last quarter of 2015 as over 14% higher than the sales volumes from the previous year of 2014. The Charleston median price also managed to gain over $7,000 to reach $228,000. This was a 5.3 percent increase, which escalated again in the next few quarters to peak at an all time high of $308,000.


Charleston Real Estate Market in 2017

The year started on a high note for the real estate market in Charleston with significant growth being recorded. The market trajectory and the median price seemed to level off. In comparison to 2016, sales volumes have increased considerably a whopping 7%. This basically translates to 4% rise in sales (this year) compared to the housing market recorded for the same period last year. Experts in the real estate industry in Charleston cite that the interest in the housing market in the area has progressively grown and remains steady.


Many people are moving into the area for a variety of reasons on both ends of the modern day spectrum; either to retire or to look for a job. This is keeping the diversity in prices active and maintaining the houses in the market in a competitive range. Following more than a year of significant and consistent growth, the calm in the market has been received considerably well by the buyers as well as the sellers. There is still plenty of demand and the residential market is Charleston is set to continue growing at a steady pace.


Market Trends in Charleston

There is expected to be a strong home demand in the coming years.  The people are working harder, earning more money and are in turn willing to spend it on higher priced homes that offer value for money. After the damage from Hurricane Matthew, houses were flooded and needed a complete overhaul to get back to the market with value. However, the historic flooding led to the housing market and construction industry getting unrivaled support which assisted them to fully recover from the damage faster.


Furthermore, zoning and building regulations are well regulated in the Holy City. This ensures that every housing development that comes up here is aesthetically pleasing and maintains a world-class level of quality. Charleston is a very popular place for families to set up their first home. This is mainly because it has a vibrant economy that provides plenty of job opportunities for its residents. It is also a very safe city with a nationally renowned education system.


The trends of the Charleston real estate market project a bright future for home buyers and investors. The current industry growth is exhibiting no signs of slowing down and the property prices are expected to continue rising in the foreseeable future. Local inventory will continue to shrink as people move into the area to look for job opportunities and looking to just settle down.  


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Why Do Families Love Charleston?


Charleston, established in 1670, routinely receives accolades as the world’s best and friendliest city. It’s a city that’s diverse, has an outstanding school system and plenty to do for families of all ages. Whether you come for a visit or live here,  you’ll quickly to learn about why do families love Charleston. In this area you’ll find free and low-cost activities, indoors and out, that will appeal to every member of your family’s sense of fun, adventure and wonder! A great and knowledgeable real estate agent will be best at knowing what local activities would be best for you and your family.


Here are a list of items you’ll be able to enjoy with your family in Charleston:


Parks and Recreation

  • Kids and splash pads are inseparable, and you’ll find one at the Charleston Waterfront Park. They’ll also enjoy the deeper water at the Pineapple Fountain, where it’s okay to play in the shallow water that rings the “pineapple” itself.


  • The wharf area at Waterfront Park offers shade and benches, and still has plenty of room for the kids to play. It extends into the water and in quieter moments, it’s fun to look for dolphins in the deeper water at the wharf (as well as all the ships).


  • Ducks and gazebos. Another free and wonderful park in Charleston is Hampton Park in the downtown area. It’s the city’s largest  park, the avenues themselves lined with crepe myrtle and live oak trees. You and your kids will enjoy the gazebo and the pond. Depending on the day, you may even run into a a lively population of ducks.


  • Aquatic life. The South Carolina Aquarium houses 5,000 animals and has plenty of exhibits devoted to all the life zones that South Carolina offers, from the mountains to the sea. Curious kids will definitely enjoy the touch tank, where they can learn about the invertebrates from the aquarium’s staff and volunteers.


  • The library. If you need some quiet time, wander over to the Charleston County Public Library nearby (or the Mount Pleasant Library, one of the busiest libraries in the entire state of South Carolina). Both offer multi-faceted programs for the whole family, and give you a good idea of the area’s dedication to a positive learning environment for everyone. You’ll also be able to use the free wifi, and enjoy a vast selection of DVDs and Blu Rays if you are seeking a night in with your family (instead of just Netflix or whatever you may have lying around the house).


  • Great Schools rates Charleston’s public schools highly, and the public commitment to quality of life through learning is obvious in the library system.


Take It Indoors

  • History, history and more history. Charleston’s lush green landscape comes from rain, and when it’s in the forecast, be sure to look into visiting the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon. While dead men tell no tales, the history of the Dungeon will have you considering a pirate’s life in no time (let alone George Washington himself has some history here as well). Professional storytellers bring the history to life, making it a perfect spot to learn about history on a rainy day.


  • Fire fighting. Heading north in the city to check out the Tanger Outlet Shops (or stopping by Boeing possibly), be sure to check out the North Charleston Fire Museum. It houses antique fire trucks and has hands-on areas for children. Kids under 12 are free and the admission includes fire safety tips for children.



  • Golf. You won’t run out of golf courses in Charleston or Mount Pleasant, and some are in spectacular settings, like Patriot’s Point Links in Mt. Pleasant. Golf is a favorite sport in Charleston, and a local Realtor can give you all the help you need to find the right home on a golf course in the area. Many also have a family focus with amenities that appeal to kids of all ages.


  • The water. Mentioning Charleston without mentioning the local water options would be ludicrous. Boaters and sun seekers alike enjoy the shoreline and intercoastal waterways. Jetskis, banana boats, kayaks, paddle boards, charters and even dolphin watching tours are all active and challenging ways for families to see the city from a different perspective.


These activities are suitable for families of all ages and interests. Exploring this city combines fun and adventure in an environment that offers plenty of personal enrichment.


Many visit Charleston once and fall in love.


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What Kind Of Education Can I Expect For My Children In Charleston?


Charleston, South Carolina is one of the fastest growing cities in the country with a  population growth of 96,650 residents in the year 2000, to an estimated 134,385 residents in 2016. Many come to Charleston to visit and end up falling in love with the city, making plans to move. Now, an important aspect of any city for a parent considering relocation is what type of education can I expect for my children? Here is a list of some the best schools in the Charleston area:    


Top Schools In Charleston

The following are the best schools as ranked by education website Great Schools. All of the below schools earned high marks from both the website and parents of the students that attend them. Note that this list includes public, private, and charter schools.


Elementary Schools

  • Ashley River Creative Arts: is a public arts school teaching classes K through 5th. This school focuses heavily on courses such as classic art, writing, English, music, and dance. Parents have praised the curriculum, extracurricular activities, and staff.
  • Location: West Ashley


  • Harbor View Elementary School: is a public school offering courses for PK through the 5th grade. It’s entire staff has been praised by parents and the school was noted for not only having a positive environment for young students but also a great curriculum.
  • Location: James Island


  • Belle Hall Elementary School: is a public school that teaches classes for grades PK through 5th. Teachers and administration drew praise as being very involved, skilled, and caring. It was also praised by parents as fostering an enjoyment of learning in it’s students.    
  • Location: Mount Pleasant


Middle Schools

  • Laing Middle School: is a public school for grades 6th through 8th. With Laing being a smaller school, this allows for smaller classes and more involved teachers. Aside from teachers and curriculum, their use of technology has been praised as well.  
  • Location: Mount Pleasant


  • Fort Johnson Middle School: is a public school for students grades 6th to 8th. Parents noted the school had honors courses, challenging material, a good staff, and a balanced curriculum offering athletics and arts in addition to core materials.
  • Location: James Island


  • Marrington Middle School Of The Arts: is a public school educating students in the 6th through 8th grades. As the name suggests their curriculum is focused on courses such as art, music, dance, and theater. Parents noted the compelling variety of activities and courses offered.  
  • Location: Goose Creek


High Schools

  • Wando High School: is a large public high school (grades between 9 and 12) with an enrollment of 3,700 students. Wando High School offers music education, good staff, college level courses, honors, and after school activities and clubs. Also, many parents noted that the large size of the school was not a hindrance in the quality of education provided.   
  • Location: Mount Pleasant


Multiple Grade Levels

  • The Porter-Gaud School: is a private school offering classes for students in grades 1 through 12. It is notable for it’s AP track, challenging courses, small class size, student clubs, and preparing students for college courses.
  • Location: West Ashley


  • Buist Academy: is a public school with classes for students between kindergarten and the 8th grade. Statements about the school noted it’s involved teachers, good course material, and the comprehensive curriculum that teaches critical thinking, respect, and tolerance.
  • Location: Downtown Charleston


  • Charleston Charter for Math and Science: is a charter school educating students attending classes from grades 6 to 12. The school focuses on math and science courses and allows students to pick education tracks to earn college credits in specific educational areas. Parents also liked the small class size and involved teachers.
  • Location: Downtown Charleston


Final Thoughts

Charleston, SC offers a wide selection of well regarded high-quality schools in both the public and private sectors. No matter what your goals for your child’s education, there is a school ready to meet them. Knowing the best areas of the city as well as what type of education is available are both items knowledgeable realtors are keen on knowing about their market for clients.


Remember before moving always consult an experienced realtor to acquire information from someone who knows the local area and how best to meet your goals.


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