What Risks Are There If I Sell My Home On My Own?

It can be tempting to try to sell your home by yourself, especially if you live in a market as lucrative as Charleston. People think it’s a cost efficient method and that the job is relatively easy. Perhaps you’ve heard a story about a friend of a friend who successfully sold their home in no time and saved tons of money? Frankly there are typically more to these stories than you are told. There are numerous downsides to attempting to sell your home without enlisting the help of professionals. Would you diagnose a major health condition without visiting the doctor? Hopefully not. The same goes for realty. Here are the top four reasons you should have a professional real estate agent help you to sell your beloved home.


Reason 1: It’s not easy to identify qualified buyers. As a homeowner, trying to sell without the help of a professional will leave you vulnerable. Investors may want to get a great deal by taking advantage of you and offering very low prices. Now you might think, I would never accept a low offer! That may be true, but can you also identify the  excited and qualified individuals who have fallen in love with your home and made offers versus those that simply cannot truly afford the end price and would not be fully approved for making such an offer? Probably not. You don’t want to make the mistake of wasting your precious time and energy on these individuals or even worse yet, accepting their offer. The only way to avoid this is by enlisting the help of professionals!


Reason 2: Getting the best price for your home is not easy without proper staging. Sellers who do not use professionals often have no idea of the importance of staging. Your home needs to be staged so it appears in tip top shape, with no random piles of laundry or dog toys hidden in the background of photos. This is also without mentioning that you need quality photographs in order to make your home look as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. With the help of a real estate agent, you’ll have the right lighting, the right staging, and most importantly you’ll get the right price.


Reason 3: Handling all the smaller details. Without the help of qualified professionals, individuals who chose to sell their home on their own often find themselves floundering at this stage of the process where things really begin. There is a lot of detailed tasks you must consider in order to handle financing correctly. This is not the time to cut corners!


Reason 4:  You’ll feel like you’re drowning in paperwork. When you’re selling your home the paperwork can seem never ending, let alone the fact that it is laden with legalities. A tiny mistake can not only cause you to start over, but it can cost you…big time. You could potentially find yourself losing out on thousands of dollars, simply because you are unfamiliar with the paperwork. This is the time when you need to seek the help of someone who does this professionally. Real estate agents often seek the help of lawyers in order to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible because it is simply not worth the risk.


Why struggle just because it seems like you might save money? The negative side effects of selling your own home are plentiful and likely. Moving is stressful regardless, so why not minimize the stress by enlisting the help a professional and make it a smooth transition for your own peace of mind?


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Where Are The Best Places To Take My Guests In Charleston?

Options are many when it comes to showing your friends and family the sights and sounds of Charleston. Within a mere 15 minutes, you can go from beach to city to country. The Holy City is steeped in early American history, has an impressive arts, culture and nature scenes, and there’s no end of fun and fine places to eat!


Get Outdoors

Sullivan’s Island sits on the coast of Mount Pleasant and is an outstanding place to entertain your guests and show Charleston off to family and friends. Its small size belies all there is to do. Walking along the beach collecting shells, photography and kiteboarding are but a few of the activities you will find here. Your guests may also enjoy exploring Fort Moultrie, where early American soldiers gave the state it’s namesake by defending the shores amongst  a base fortified by palmetto trees (which was a soft wood that reflected cannonballs fired by the British, instead of absorbing them). One of the only air conditioned buildings made during WW2 exists here as well, for that special history buff amongst your group.


From Sullivan’s Island, you can roll across the Ravenel Bridge to explore King Street downtown, one of the oldest streets in the U.S. Here you’ll find unique shops and the restaurants that define southern food and hospitality. Coleslaw, fried chicken, burgers, deep fried fish, biscuits, grits; you will find it all nearby.


Head to Market Street on the weekends and you’ll see what local artisans produce, along with more great food from the soul and Lowcountry traditions. If you’re lucky, you may get to see Second Sunday! This is when King Street gets blocked off from Calhoun to Market Streets and pedestrians flood the streets to check out local shops or get great eats out on King Street!


If you want go ahead and make your way to Waterfront Park; one of Charleston’s most visited sites, especially in the summer. It boasts a pineapple-shaped fountain that children find irresistible, as well as there are dedicated gardens and sweeping views of the water and Charleston Harbor.


Beyond food, you can take your visitors on haunted house tours (a real kid pleaser, whether it’s the Old City Jail or the Provost Exchange), or make a visit to actual plantations like McLeod Plantation Historic Site or Boone Hall Plantation (which is still a working plantation). Middleton Place is an early rice plantation that also has one of the first private gardens in the country.


Charleston Navy Base and Naval Shipyard became the North Charleston Riverfront Park in 1996. This park is now open year-round as well. It has sheltered picnic areas, cooling fountains for children during the summer and sits on the Cooper River.


For Less Than Perfect Weather

You can explore the past even deeper by visiting the Gullah Geechee Corridor, which runs from Jacksonville, FL to Wilmington, NC. The National Park Service recognizes this corridor and the communities along it celebrate the gullah geechee in organized festivals throughout the year.


If you don’t want to stray far from home, check out Charleston’s Museum Mile. The mile includes four parks, six museums, five historic homes and the historic city hall and market. You’ll find a wide range of Charleston history at The Charleston Museum, including civilian and military.


Just because these are museums doesn’t mean that your children will be bored. Be sure to visit the Children’s Museum of the Low Country and let them play on a pirate ship, explore the medieval castle and spend time inside an art room!


The Spoleto Festival USA is an internationally known arts festival that starts around Memorial Day and runs for the first two weeks in June. Numerous opera, music, dance and theater performances are held at various venues throughout the area during this event.


If you still want to lounge around on a lazy day, considering gathering your group to go to the Cinebarre theater in Mount Pleasant. This theater distinguishes itself by offering casual eating, light alcoholic beverages and big-screen movie watching simultaneously. Furthermore, anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult; so you wont find yourself being bugged by pesky teenagers!


If you’re finding yourself in love with Charleston, let’s talk about whats available today!

If I’m Looking To Sell My Home, What Renovations Should I Avoid?

Do you plan to sell your home and then downgrade or relocate to a different area? Your house definitely may be in need of a makeover before it goes on the market, especially if it is older or has not had adequate repairs in a while.


It is important to prepare the home to attract the most appropriate buyer. However, many homeowners make several mistakes when renovating their houses. Learn how to avoid the following errors so that your prized possession can fetch you a tidy sum when you go to sell.


Starting without a plan

Whether you want to do a DIY repair job or call in professionals, be sure to have a renovations plan in mind and on paper. It does not matter how large or small the actual repair work is. If you are painting a wall for example, be sure to take the time to tape off fixtures such as light switches and door knobs (as the little details will be vastly important through this process).


Having a plan well-laid out gets rid of errors. Think ahead on who your most prospective buyer would be. Is your house more suitable for a bachelor or a family of five? Tailor the renovations plan to suit the prospect so that you bring in the most appropriate fixtures, accessories and finishes.


Buying cheap materials/products

If you’re home is an older one, you may not exactly want to spend a fortune on it. But at the same time, you do want to attract a handsome purchase from the highest bidder. Be sure not to buy substandard or counterfeit materials just because you want to save money.


Subpar standards in house fittings and repair will make suitable buyers shy away. In addition, home inspectors and real estate agencies may rate your house poorly. Insist on products that attain industry standards in North and South Carolina.


Taking inaccurate measurements

One of the most common mistakes of DIY renovation is wrong measurements. Taking inaccurate measurements will lead you to make repairs that do not fit. As you are forced to take an item back to the store for an exchange, time will be running out.


If you are not sure of the dimensions of your faucets, sinks, cabinets, doors, windows and other items, you might want to leave the revamp job to experts. The last thing you want in your house is a weird looking appliance or installation when a prospect checks in that doesn’t fit right.


Failure to allocate enough time

Lack of enough time and proper scheduling of the project will delay your sale and your expected relocation plan. Do you really want to be inviting buyers right when the paint smells fresh off the walls?


Even if the project is assigned to a pro, he needs time to place everything in it’s right place. Just like in budgeting, be sure to include extra time in the schedule to review the project before listing it with a realtor. You do not want to deal with potential issues at the 11th hour.


Making too many renovations

You want your house to have a very stellar first impression. But you do not want to spend so much that the selling price is lower than the house value plus your renovations expenditure. Be sure to strike a delicate balance between restoring your house’s glory and overspending.


Having many installations could mask the original design and architecture of your house. It may also scare off prospective buyers if it looks too different from houses in your neighborhood. Be sure to let a reputable contractor help you with this. A great realtor might be able to help you in this search as well.


Having bright or bold textures

Do not make it too obvious that you have just renovated your house. Wise buyers may take this as a cover-up for underlying faults. Bright colors and bold textures are a definite no-no.


Write a checklist of the colors and patterns desired for appliances, fixtures and fittings. Consider going with the original look and feel of your house for a successful project.


If you’re looking to sell your home and want to maximize your potential sale, we can go over it’s value here.

What Are The Top Things To Do With Your Dog In Charleston?


Dogs have often always typically been described as man’s best friend. Charleston SC is renowned for it’s fine southern charm, cobblestone streets and architecture, and an exquisite dining experience. The city has also made a name for being one of the most dog-friendly places you will ever visit. Winning the 2016 edition of the Best Pet Travelers City competition attests to this. This may have left yourself wondering, what are the top things to do with your dog in Charleston?


Walking down the streets of Charleston, don’t be surprised when you notice tens of residents and visitors walking or even playing with their dogs everywhere. Simply put, rearing dogs is part of the city’s culture due to how often local citizens prefer being outside as soon as the weather permits. This coupled with the fact that Charleston has lenient laws pertaining to pet rearing, has encouraged more residents to walk around with their dogs or enjoy the local sights accompanied by their furry friends!


Even though Charleston is known for its dog-friendly nature, there are certain rules that must be adhered to nonetheless. Most importantly, the dogs require a leash the majority of the time. The following are the top places to take your dog in Charleston.


Stroll King Street

Do you want to learn more about Charleston’s rich history while enjoying a cool afternoon sea breeze? If so, a walk on King Street absolutely needs to be be on your bucket list. This street dates back to the Civil War, and is a favorite among dog owners. It is impeccably kept, and faces Charleston Harbor thus ensuring that you amply catch the cool breeze whenever you take your dog for a walk. If you’re looking something really special, be sure to check out Second Sundays on King Street (when the street is blocked off from cars and scores of guests delight on the local boutiques and restaurants). It’s a dog lovers paradise!


Waterfront Park

Located right at the end of King Street is Charleston’s renowned Waterfront Park. It is one of the most favorite weekend hangout spots among residents and visitors alike. The ample space ensures that you can play with your dog and even socialize with other pet owners in the process. The park is characterized by winding walking paths, cool evening ocean breezes, and salty air, which your dogs will certainly love. The park is loved by pet owners since it has leash-free hours.


Marion Square And The Charleston Farmer’s Market

Marion Square is a central plaza located in downtown Charleston. Whether it’s seeking a few items from your grocery list when the Farmer’s Market is open; this square is an open space that hosts a number of events, be it Spring or Fall. These festivities include food festivals, Charleston fashion week,  and even a few music festivals. The food festivals are known for accommodating dogs. Some even go ahead to offer treats including food and water. Even if you want to go when there is no event set up, your dog will definitely have as much fun as you at this famed hotspot.


James Island County Park

While this park may be further from downtown, it is one of the best places to take your dog to. James Island County Park is expansive enough to allow you let your dog free from its leash. It features pools, miniature balls, and other remarkable features, which make the $2 admission fee look like a bargain.


Hampton Park Dog Park

Should you prefer a park that is closer to Upper King Street, you may be able to get your fix at this park on Grove Street not too far away from Hampton Park. Centrally located with ample parking as well, this park includes a water spigot specifically for the dogs and a few benches for you to relax on.



What’s the point of having a dog in Charleston if you’re not going to take it to the beach? Nothing gives dog owners greater satisfaction than seeing their pets belly-flopping on sand and playing in the water with careless abandon. You have to check out any of Charleston’s public beaches (Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach) with your four legged friends. Nonetheless, a number of restrictions do come into play when with Toto on the beach. During the April-September season, most Charleston beaches only admit pets at off-peak hours (early morning and in the evening). This can make it even more fun since you will only be allowed to be on the beach when there are less people. This also decreases the possibility of running into any issues with other dog owners or possibly tourists on the beach.


There are numerous dog-friendly things to do in Charleston. Even when visiting the city with your favorite dogs, you will have an endless array of places to visit, and activities to partake in. If you are a pet lover, consider visiting Charleston to savor the city’s dog-friendly culture if you haven’t already.


If you’re considering buying or selling in Charleston, let’s talk today.

If I Want To Start A Family, What Do I Need To Know Before I Buy A Home?


Making the decision to start a family is one of the most important choices you’ll make in your life. It is not something to rush into. Aside from making sure that you are financially ready to support a child, you’ll also need to think about your living situation. Here are the primary concerns you’ll need to take into consideration when buying a home for your growing family.

Your Budget

One of the most important factors you’ll need to evaluate is your budget. You’ll need to find a balance between buying a house that will be large enough to accommodate the changing needs of your family going forward and making sure that it is a home that you can afford.

Remember that children will add several new categories to your budget, including diapers, baby food and an ongoing supply of new clothes as they grow. You’ll also need to factor in unexpected expenses, like visits to the pediatrician or emergency room, when your child gets sick. You will not want to be stretched so thin that you wouldn’t be able to cover these expenses while still making your mortgage payments.

Number of Children

In your mind, you may like the sound of having four children, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually will (nor that it’s the right idea for you). On the other hand, you may think you only want one child but then change your mind later and want to grow your family even more.

In selecting a house, look for one that will be able to house your first child with the possibility of more. Young children can share a bedroom, even if they are of opposite sexes, so don’t feel the need to have separate bedrooms for each child. If you can afford it, get a house with an extra bedroom. You can always use it as a guest bedroom for when the grandparents or that Uncle Jesse in your family decides to make a visit.

Schools in the Area

Your children will need to go to school at some point, unless you plan on homeschooling, so be absolutely sure to look for a neighborhood with good schools.. Focus primarily on the elementary and middle schools, as you may very well end up  moving again by the time your children reach high school.

Family-Friendly Attractions

You’ll want to look for an area that provides plenty of fun things for young children to do. Look for parks and playgrounds nearby, as you’ll likely be spending a fair bit of time there. Day care centers, indoor playgrounds and even toy stores in the area can be signs that a neighborhood is family-friendly.


Finally, you’ll want to make sure that the neighborhood will be safe for your children. Check the crime rate in the area, and look for possible houses on cul-de-sacs. Kids love to play with their friends out in the street, and you don’t want tons of cars whizzing by during rush hour if you can avoid it. Look for other children playing outside or families walking together along the sidewalk. These are positive signs that a neighborhood is safe for children.

Look to the Future

So many home buyers will initially only consider (and still buy) homes that they only plan to stay in for a couple of years, instead of thinking longer term when their children will get older and what items they will need at that time. Once they make friends, uprooting them will become harder. Be sure to think about what is going on in the area and how it might change over the years. Think about what your kids will need then, and not solely what they will only need in the next couple years.  Will this house still be suitable for your family five or even ten years down the line? If the answer is “yes,” you may have very well found your dream home!


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If We’re Retiring And Looking For A New Home, What Do We Need To Consider?


Retirement brings about numerous changes, with one of the of the most significant changes possibly being your change of  residence. Homeowners who have recently retired or who are planning their final days in the workforce may need to reevaluate their living situations. This might leave thoes retirning and looking for a new home, wondering what they need to consider. Upgrading, downsizing, or even buying a second home can help retirees ensure their families’ future comfort or earn extra monthly income.


Be sure to consider these points before buying a new home in which to spend your retirement years.


Leaving a Legacy

Retiring well means more than just having enough to keep you and your spouse comfortable. A good retirement includes the ability to leave something behind to keep your family growing strong when you can’t be with them. Retiring parents might buy a second home for many reasons.

  • Is your current home just too big? Consider buying a second, smaller home to live in. Use your large family home for big family gatherings like weddings and special holiday events. You can also use it as a guest-house, a vacation home for your adult children, or as a storage for all your family’s precious treasures.
  • The fluctuating economy is making it difficult for young families to get a good start. A 2013 study found that 36% of adults between the ages of 18 and 31 lived with their parents. Retiring parents can help their adult children reach independence by purchasing a large property they can share if it ever becomes necessary to do so.
  • Retiring parents with special needs adult children may want to buy a new home that features a detached dwelling or “mother-in-law” quarters. The adult children can learn to live independently while you are still around to guide them. When you are gone, the designated caregiver can move in and your child can continue living in the comfort they’ve come to know.


Generate Income

Just because you aren’t working doesn’t mean you can’t make a little extra cash. You can use additional properties to boost your monthly income so you can afford to have all the fun you deserve.

  • Consider downsizing into something more suitable for your needs. Rent out your large family home on a monthly basis or possibly offer short-term rental services like Airbnb. You may decided to contract with a property management service to handle repairs, collections, and all the other landlord duties. Your property will be maintained and available if your plans ever change..
  • Retirement is the time to do what you’ve always wanted to do with your life. You might purchase a small property to house your new business. Or upgrade your current home to one that has plenty of space for your woodworking, papercraft, metal art, or whatever hobby you want to convert into a paying enterprise. You might even look for properties that have unique features you can use to make your work easier. A screened porch very well might be the perfect place to paint.
  • You may even consider easing your yearly tax burden by donating your existing home to a local charity. You will enjoy generous tax deductions while giving back to your community. Since the home still belongs to you, you can leave it to whomever you like in your will. This is a great way to preserve wealth for your family while also reducing your expenses.


Buying a new home during retirement can help seniors achieve the right balance, help their loved ones, and even increase or protect their wealth.


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What Benefits Do First Time Home Owners Enjoy?

What-Are-The-Top-Benefits-For-First-Time-Home-Owners?Buying and becoming a new homeowner can be a difficult challenge, and an extremely rewarding endeavor once you own your first home. As a new homeowner, you gain access to several different tax benefits for both primary or secondary residents such as vacation homes. With recent changes to the federal tax law, it is important to review how home tax credits were affected. There were many alliterations of the tax bill reported on in the press and luckily many of the more severe recommendations were not passed in the final bill. However, some changes were made and are reflected below where applicable. Here is a broad overview of the five federal tax credits you can claim as a homeowner.    


Real Estate Taxes: Referring to state and local property taxes, under the proposed changes to the 2018 tax bill, this is a deduction cap of $10,000 total for state and local property tax and associated income or sales taxes. This limit is the same for both single and married couples filing jointly.  


Concerning Your Other Deductions: When taking a tax credit for mortgage-related tax benefits you have to itemize your deductions. This can be highly advantageous because it allows you to take credit on other non-home related tax write-offs that have to be itemized to be claimed. These include unreimbursed employment expenses, charitable giving, medical expenses, and others.  


Loan Interest Deduction: For 2018 you can deduct interest payments on your home’s mortgage as long as your mortgage is less than $750,000 or $375,000 for married couples filing separate returns. Note that these figures were higher in previous years but recent tax law changes resulted in the above figures. Unchanged is the fact you must have a loan secured by the home and the home must be your main or secondary residence.      


Points: Note the interest you paid upfront during the mortgage closing process. As this type of payment improves your overall mortgage rate, most closings have points to some degree. These are deductible provided you meet several specific criteria. Key amongst these is that points must be paid with a secured loan, the loan in question must be secured by your main home, and the mortgage loan goes toward your home’s purchase or construction. Also, note your points total value must be in the ‘normal range’ for your geographic area and the surrounding home market values. Figures deemed unusual may result in this credit not being usable.  


Future Tax Benefits: Lastly, you can claim a capital gains write off when you sell the home in the future provided you meet the habitation requirements. You have to live at the residence for 2 of the last 5 years and these two years do not have to be concurrent. By meeting these requirements you do not have to pay taxes on gains on a home sale up to a specific amount. The limits are $250,000 if filing single or $500,000 if filing jointly. This law was unchanged in the 2018 Tax Bill despite being considered at various points for modification or outright removal.    


Final Considerations

As the above shows, there are several tax advantages to purchasing a home. Despite changes made to the tax code these benefits are still ones that should not be ignored and should be correctly accounted for on your tax return. As always should you need further clarification on these or similar real estate matters, a knowledgeable and professional realtor will be able to give you a bit more detail.


Whether you need to sell your home, or solely looking for one to buy; let’s talk about what’s available today.

In A City Full Of Realtors, How Do I Decide Which One To Go With?


Here in Charleston, you may find yourself with a lot of choices when it comes to Realtors and real estate agents. Because of this, it can be difficult to separate the average agents from those who truly excel. Here’s what to look for when choosing an agent to represent you in your real estate dealings.



Communication is one of the most important skills a Realtor or real estate agent must have, let alone for any business. After all, you’re going to be in touch frequently throughout the home buying or selling process, so you want your representative to be as accessible as possible. Real estate doesn’t necessarily follow traditional business hours, so your agent shouldn’t either. Ask about their policies on after-hours or weekend communication to ensure they’ll be accessible when you have questions or need advice.


Personalized Service

You want to choose an agent who will find exactly what you are looking for, and this requires getting to know your taste and preferences. Attention to detail is vital for this, so look for an agent who will take the time to get to know you on a personal level and truly understands your needs and preferences, not just for the size and location of the home but also in terms of the layout, style and any other preferences you may have.


Past Experience

It is helpful to have a Realtor who has experience helping clients buy and sell the type of home you are seeking. For example, if you are looking for a luxury property in an upscale area, an agent whose experience comes mostly from starter homes in affordable areas may not be the best fit. This doesn’t mean that an up-and-coming agent can’t help you, but you may be better off with a Realtor who better understands your market. Ask about past sales and purchases to get a better sense of their forte.



Some Realtors are more aggressive than others in terms of negotiating, so you want to ensure that your representative will stand up for what you want. Of course, you need to have room for some flexibility, as the other party will have their interests in mind as well, but you want to have confidence that your agent is doing everything in their power to achieve favorable results for you.



Knowledge of the local area is absolutely critical for the agent you choose. You want someone who either lives in the area themselves or has been working there for a long time. This way, they’ll have insider knowledge as to which schools are the best, where the top amenities are located and other information that may be important to you. This is especially important if you are moving from another city or state and aren’t familiar with the area yourself.


Ongoing Service

It’s one thing to be a great Realtor during the process or buying or selling a home, but it is quite another to maintain relationships with clients after the deal closes. Every agent will work closely with you during the process, but many are not as attentive after the fact. Ask the Realtors you are considering what ongoing services they may provide. If they don’t have a good answer, you may want to look elsewhere to find someone more attentive.


Finding the right Realtor is almost as important as finding the right home, so be sure to take your time in choosing your agent. Ask pointed questions, and make note of the answers to reference later when it comes time to make your decision. With a bit of patience and research, you are sure to find the perfect agent to represent your interests.


If You Are Considering Buying Or Selling This Year, Let’s Talk About What Options There Are Today.

How Can I Save Money With Smart Home Technology?


As far as home ownership is concerned, there can be a lot to it than meets the eye. Aside from expenses like property taxes, you have to deal with monthly utility bills, which can take up a significant portion of your money. Nevertheless, technological advancement appears to be changing this situation by availing numerous smart home tech products aimed at cutting such costs without compromising the allure of top-of-the-line technology. Hence, if you are interested in cutting costs and transforming your Charleston SC home into a smart home, consider adding these smart in-home products.



Electricity helps with your lighting, heating, cooling, running electrical devices, and cooking among other things.  For this reason, electricity bills are normally high for most homeowners. To avoid being a victim of such varying costs that fluctuate with the seasons, consider trying these products:


  • Smart Lights

Unlike their incandescent counterparts, smart LED lights such as the Philips Hue line are programmable.  Aside from features like motion detection, you can access and control them remotely using voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa.  Furthermore, they are less costly to operate thanks to their dimmable feature. That’s without even mentioning how fun it can be to go through the different colors now available with your lighting!


  • Smart Thermostats

Thanks to smart thermostats, you can effectively save money on heating and cooling your home. In fact, some of the leading thermostats on the market like Nest thermostats eliminate unnecessary energy consumption through customizing cooling and heating schedules. Also, most of these gadgets not only boast of sensors to monitor cold and hot home areas but they are also remotely programmable. You can save a sgnificant amount on your energy bills by automating your home’s temperature when you are not there or asleep. Setting your thermostat higher in the summer or colder in the winter (when you’re not home or awake) can lead to a significant reduction in your energy use.


  • Surge Protectors

Television sets, gaming devices, computers and other electronic devices suck up your electricity even when they are not in use, as long as they are still plugged into a socket.  With surge protectors (such as the Belkin Conserve Switch Surge Protector), you can even switch your devices off remotely. You can also rely on smart plugs like the iDevices Switch, which cuts power to your devices remotely.



Although you cannot do without water, you can regulate the amount of money you spend on water bills. Here are some options that can slash your water expenditure considerably.


  • Smart Toilets

These toilets can help in keeping your home green by getting rid of toilet paper waste and saving water. According to EPA, toilets that come with a WaterSense label minimize water consumption by 20-60%. Consider going green by installing a smart toilet.


  • Smart Water Meter

Failing to keep tabs with your water consumption can occasionally lead to high water bills. As such, you might want to consider a smart home water meter to help you monitor not only how you are utilizing water in your home, but also the amount. In turn, you can easily verify the amount of water that is going into various uses like lawn maintenance or possibly laundry.


  • Faucet Aerator

By installing a high-efficiency faucet aerator on your taps and in your shower, you can minimize your water consumption in half.  The aerator limits the flow of water via the faucet in comparison to the water flow of a tap without an aerator. Furthermore, adding this feature to your taps eliminates your low-pressure problems.



Lastly, by adding a smart home security system you can significantly save your money, particularly on costs like homeowners insurance. You will end up paying lower insurance premiums than usual for putting in the right measures to avert risk.


Do not sit around and let high utility bills be an issue when you decide to move into a new home (or the one you’re already in). You can absolutely do better things with that money. So, be sure to consider the above smart products and a myriad of others on the market today in a bid to save money and go green!


If you’re considering real estate decisions in Charleston, be sure to contact us today!