What Kind Of Education Can I Expect For My Children In Charleston?


Charleston, South Carolina is one of the fastest growing cities in the country with a  population growth of 96,650 residents in the year 2000, to an estimated 134,385 residents in 2016. Many come to Charleston to visit and end up falling in love with the city, making plans to move. Now, an important aspect of any city for a parent considering relocation is what type of education can I expect for my children? Here is a list of some the best schools in the Charleston area:    


Top Schools In Charleston

The following are the best schools as ranked by education website Great Schools. All of the below schools earned high marks from both the website and parents of the students that attend them. Note that this list includes public, private, and charter schools.


Elementary Schools

  • Ashley River Creative Arts: is a public arts school teaching classes K through 5th. This school focuses heavily on courses such as classic art, writing, English, music, and dance. Parents have praised the curriculum, extracurricular activities, and staff.
  • Location: West Ashley


  • Harbor View Elementary School: is a public school offering courses for PK through the 5th grade. It’s entire staff has been praised by parents and the school was noted for not only having a positive environment for young students but also a great curriculum.
  • Location: James Island


  • Belle Hall Elementary School: is a public school that teaches classes for grades PK through 5th. Teachers and administration drew praise as being very involved, skilled, and caring. It was also praised by parents as fostering an enjoyment of learning in it’s students.    
  • Location: Mount Pleasant


Middle Schools

  • Laing Middle School: is a public school for grades 6th through 8th. With Laing being a smaller school, this allows for smaller classes and more involved teachers. Aside from teachers and curriculum, their use of technology has been praised as well.  
  • Location: Mount Pleasant


  • Fort Johnson Middle School: is a public school for students grades 6th to 8th. Parents noted the school had honors courses, challenging material, a good staff, and a balanced curriculum offering athletics and arts in addition to core materials.
  • Location: James Island


  • Marrington Middle School Of The Arts: is a public school educating students in the 6th through 8th grades. As the name suggests their curriculum is focused on courses such as art, music, dance, and theater. Parents noted the compelling variety of activities and courses offered.  
  • Location: Goose Creek


High Schools

  • Wando High School: is a large public high school (grades between 9 and 12) with an enrollment of 3,700 students. Wando High School offers music education, good staff, college level courses, honors, and after school activities and clubs. Also, many parents noted that the large size of the school was not a hindrance in the quality of education provided.   
  • Location: Mount Pleasant


Multiple Grade Levels

  • The Porter-Gaud School: is a private school offering classes for students in grades 1 through 12. It is notable for it’s AP track, challenging courses, small class size, student clubs, and preparing students for college courses.
  • Location: West Ashley


  • Buist Academy: is a public school with classes for students between kindergarten and the 8th grade. Statements about the school noted it’s involved teachers, good course material, and the comprehensive curriculum that teaches critical thinking, respect, and tolerance.
  • Location: Downtown Charleston


  • Charleston Charter for Math and Science: is a charter school educating students attending classes from grades 6 to 12. The school focuses on math and science courses and allows students to pick education tracks to earn college credits in specific educational areas. Parents also liked the small class size and involved teachers.
  • Location: Downtown Charleston


Final Thoughts

Charleston, SC offers a wide selection of well regarded high-quality schools in both the public and private sectors. No matter what your goals for your child’s education, there is a school ready to meet them. Knowing the best areas of the city as well as what type of education is available are both items knowledgeable realtors are keen on knowing about their market for clients.


Remember before moving always consult an experienced realtor to acquire information from someone who knows the local area and how best to meet your goals.


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What Are The Top Events In Charleston Throughout The Year?


The city of Charleston, South Carolina has been voted as the best city in the United States and one of the best in the world by many publications throughout the years. This comes as no surprise to the people who live here or have had the opportunity to visit, but still some may be wondering what are the top events in Charleston throughout the year?


Between the city’s history, great weather, colorful architecture, cobblestone streets, fantastic restaurants and friendly inhabitants; there isn’t much to not like. But what also has put Charleston near and dear to its residents and visitors is it’s wide variety of annual events that are held throughout the year. While a great realtor should always know what there is to do and what’s going in their market, here’s a sampling of the city’s top annual events.


Spoleto/Piccolo Spoleto Festival

Charleston official sister city is Spoleto in Umbria, Italy and each year the city hosts an American version of Umbria’s Festival of Two Worlds. This annual event was founded in 1977 by Italian composer Gian Carlo Menotti to partner with Spoleto’s festival. From Memorial Day weekend and continuing through the first full week of June, numerous internationally known and new performing artists come to Charleston to conduct a wide variety of lovely artistic performances.


MOJA Arts Festival

Taking place during the last weekend in September and continuing through the first full week of October, the annual MOJA Arts Festival takes place in Charleston. Meaning “one” in Swahili, the MOJA festival focuses on African and Caribbean arts. This festival features music, literary and visual arts, as well as theater and dance performances.


Fall Tours of Homes & Gardens

For five weeks during September and October, visitors are welcomed by the Preservation Society of Charleston to take part in tours inside some of the oldest and most exquisite homes in Charleston. You’ll also have the opportunity to visit lush hidden gardens as well. These tours highlight Charleston’s historic 1700s’ architecture through today’s more modern homes.


Lowcountry Oyster Festival

Each January, thousands of visitors descend on Boone Hall Plantation located just outside the city (in Mount Pleasant) for the Lowcountry Oyster Festival, which is the world’s largest oyster fest. During this one-day event, oyster lovers will consume more than 80,000 pounds of oysters. This festival includes live music, beer, wine and food from the best restaurants around Charleston. To add to the festivities, attendees are invited to participate in oyster shucking and eating contests.


Charleston Fashion Week

An event founded in 2007, the Charleston Fashion Week showcases rising designer and model talent from across the East Coast. Held in the center of the city at Marion Square, the five night event typically features at least 35 runway shows and a number of competitions. This event has vied for launching the careers of quite a few fashion designers and models, as well as showcases the region’s fashion, design, and retail communities.


Charleston Wine and Food Festival

Wine enthusiasts flock to Charleston’s Marion Square during the first weekend of each March for the Charleston Wine and Food Festival. This annual affair features almost 100 of the best wine and food purveyors from across the country. Featured events during this festival even include appearances from culinary celebrities that demonstrate their techniques for festival goers.


Charleston International Antiques Show

Every March marks the annual three-day Charleston International Antiques Show where antique collectors, dealers and enthusiasts come to the city. During this festival, art and antique furniture from the 17th through 19th centuries are featured. Attendees can also participate in lectures and tours as well.


Now, these events are only a part of the reason why so many love Charleston. From the beauty of the city, to the number of things to do; there is tons to love about Charleston. One of the biggest benefits of working with a great realtor is that they can provide you with key information about a market, including what cultural events occur in the area you might be interested in. A great knowledgeable realtor can answer any questions you might have about the Charleston area and show you all the reasons why it’s the best city to live in the United States.


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Who Are The Top Employers Of Charleston?


The business community of South Carolina is one of the best places to work in the United States with it’s boisterous abundance of multinational companies, and governmental institutions. This is without mentioning it’s diversified investments in the aerospace, defense, and technology industries. The city of Charleston is one of the places that benefit greatly from this thriving business environment. Therefore, in recent times, the city has experienced an influx of quite a few job seekers searching for employment opportunities and a place to settle down. This is attributed to the growing presence of multinationals such as Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Boeing (as well as numerous others).


For a long time, Charleston has been considered to have an economy based on tourism, with the presence of entities such as Kiawah Island Golf Resort, and a rich cultural heritage. However, the city is quickly becoming a technological hub with the presence of organizations such as SPAWAR, Blackbaud, and PhishLabs. The old and friendly southern atmosphere makes Charleston a great place to consider for both retirement, and relocation for job purposes (with South Carolina being one of the top states to move to in recent times for most Americans considering moving).


Charleston boasts of a highly-skilled workforce that is supported by the city’s advanced higher education system. Within it’s boundaries, there are well-known institutions such as the Charleston School of Law, the College of Charleston, the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina, and the Medical University of South Carolina.


Thriving Companies in the Charleston Economy

The economy of Charleston continues to captivate corporate investors who are willing to take advantage of it’s growing technological space and a globally competitive environment. These investors come in the form of governmental contractors, fast-growing startups, and multinational corporations. Some of the top companies to work for in Charleston include:


  1. Blackbaud

This is a dominant cloud software firm that has it’s headquarters in Charleston. Blackbaud is focused on developing and implementing innovative technology solutions that promote social good and helps organizations with their fundraising. Blackbaud currently employs more than 1,100 people in it’s main office in Charleston to serve it’s clients including individual change agents, foundations, nonprofits, and large corporations.


  1.   Boeing

The leading American authority in aerospace technology launched the 787 (aka the Dreamliner) assembly plant in the city in 2009 and currently employs over 8,200 people in Charleston. Ask any local and many will consider the addition of the Boeing plant as the greatest economic advancement experienced in the area, as the firm continues to expand it’s operations and employ more individuals in the region. 


  1. PhishLabs

PhishLabs is a technology startup that specializes in the provision of cyber security services to reduce and prevent online fraud, data breaches, and even targeted cyber attacks. This company operates through the use of human expertise as well as innovative technology and intelligence to keep clients and the digital information they store safe 24/7. The startup has created jobs for approximately 100 people in Charleston and remains on the vanguard of cybersecurity.



The Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR) employs roughly 10,000 military personnel, civilians, and contractors. These individuals provide contemporary information solutions and systems to various armed forces globally, including the US and it’s allies. It’s presence in Charleston is only recognized by the employees (as most of the work remains classified), but nonetheless with Charleston being the center of SPAWAR’s Atlantic operation’s; SPAWAR is the top employer of electrical engineers throughout the entire state of South Carolina.


  1. Volvo

This international car manufacturer is set to begin production of the S60 Sedan at it’s new Charleston plant in 2018. The facility bears the capability of assembling 100,000 per year, and creates 4,000 jobs in the long-run. It is also going to be serviced by the Port of Charleston, further multiplying it’s economic effect on the region. Volvo itself is just one of a few international firms that have set out to have a strong foothold in the area as Mercedes-Benz has increased and expanded their operations to assemble their Sprinter vans at a plant in North Charleston as well.


The economic environment, cultural heritage, and southern hospitality of Charleston make it a great place for relocation. If you have found yourself seeking relocation for a job or recently been recruited by any  number of the companies in this region, it is key to have boots on the ground that know the better parts of the city (as in where to look and where you can get your most value). 


Be sure to enlist the services of a great and knowledgeable real estate agent who will assist you in getting the home of your dreams in the Charleston market.


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