What Kind Of Education Can I Expect For My Children In Charleston?


Charleston, South Carolina is one of the fastest growing cities in the country with a  population growth of 96,650 residents in the year 2000, to an estimated 134,385 residents in 2016. Many come to Charleston to visit and end up falling in love with the city, making plans to move. Now, an important aspect of any city for a parent considering relocation is what type of education can I expect for my children? Here is a list of some the best schools in the Charleston area:    


Top Schools In Charleston

The following are the best schools as ranked by education website Great Schools. All of the below schools earned high marks from both the website and parents of the students that attend them. Note that this list includes public, private, and charter schools.


Elementary Schools

  • Ashley River Creative Arts: is a public arts school teaching classes K through 5th. This school focuses heavily on courses such as classic art, writing, English, music, and dance. Parents have praised the curriculum, extracurricular activities, and staff.
  • Location: West Ashley


  • Harbor View Elementary School: is a public school offering courses for PK through the 5th grade. It’s entire staff has been praised by parents and the school was noted for not only having a positive environment for young students but also a great curriculum.
  • Location: James Island


  • Belle Hall Elementary School: is a public school that teaches classes for grades PK through 5th. Teachers and administration drew praise as being very involved, skilled, and caring. It was also praised by parents as fostering an enjoyment of learning in it’s students.    
  • Location: Mount Pleasant


Middle Schools

  • Laing Middle School: is a public school for grades 6th through 8th. With Laing being a smaller school, this allows for smaller classes and more involved teachers. Aside from teachers and curriculum, their use of technology has been praised as well.  
  • Location: Mount Pleasant


  • Fort Johnson Middle School: is a public school for students grades 6th to 8th. Parents noted the school had honors courses, challenging material, a good staff, and a balanced curriculum offering athletics and arts in addition to core materials.
  • Location: James Island


  • Marrington Middle School Of The Arts: is a public school educating students in the 6th through 8th grades. As the name suggests their curriculum is focused on courses such as art, music, dance, and theater. Parents noted the compelling variety of activities and courses offered.  
  • Location: Goose Creek


High Schools

  • Wando High School: is a large public high school (grades between 9 and 12) with an enrollment of 3,700 students. Wando High School offers music education, good staff, college level courses, honors, and after school activities and clubs. Also, many parents noted that the large size of the school was not a hindrance in the quality of education provided.   
  • Location: Mount Pleasant


Multiple Grade Levels

  • The Porter-Gaud School: is a private school offering classes for students in grades 1 through 12. It is notable for it’s AP track, challenging courses, small class size, student clubs, and preparing students for college courses.
  • Location: West Ashley


  • Buist Academy: is a public school with classes for students between kindergarten and the 8th grade. Statements about the school noted it’s involved teachers, good course material, and the comprehensive curriculum that teaches critical thinking, respect, and tolerance.
  • Location: Downtown Charleston


  • Charleston Charter for Math and Science: is a charter school educating students attending classes from grades 6 to 12. The school focuses on math and science courses and allows students to pick education tracks to earn college credits in specific educational areas. Parents also liked the small class size and involved teachers.
  • Location: Downtown Charleston


Final Thoughts

Charleston, SC offers a wide selection of well regarded high-quality schools in both the public and private sectors. No matter what your goals for your child’s education, there is a school ready to meet them. Knowing the best areas of the city as well as what type of education is available are both items knowledgeable realtors are keen on knowing about their market for clients.


Remember before moving always consult an experienced realtor to acquire information from someone who knows the local area and how best to meet your goals.


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