How Can I Save Money With Smart Home Technology?


As far as home ownership is concerned, there can be a lot to it than meets the eye. Aside from expenses like property taxes, you have to deal with monthly utility bills, which can take up a significant portion of your money. Nevertheless, technological advancement appears to be changing this situation by availing numerous smart home tech products aimed at cutting such costs without compromising the allure of top-of-the-line technology. Hence, if you are interested in cutting costs and transforming your Charleston SC home into a smart home, consider adding these smart in-home products.



Electricity helps with your lighting, heating, cooling, running electrical devices, and cooking among other things.  For this reason, electricity bills are normally high for most homeowners. To avoid being a victim of such varying costs that fluctuate with the seasons, consider trying these products:


  • Smart Lights

Unlike their incandescent counterparts, smart LED lights such as the Philips Hue line are programmable.  Aside from features like motion detection, you can access and control them remotely using voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa.  Furthermore, they are less costly to operate thanks to their dimmable feature. That’s without even mentioning how fun it can be to go through the different colors now available with your lighting!


  • Smart Thermostats

Thanks to smart thermostats, you can effectively save money on heating and cooling your home. In fact, some of the leading thermostats on the market like Nest thermostats eliminate unnecessary energy consumption through customizing cooling and heating schedules. Also, most of these gadgets not only boast of sensors to monitor cold and hot home areas but they are also remotely programmable. You can save a sgnificant amount on your energy bills by automating your home’s temperature when you are not there or asleep. Setting your thermostat higher in the summer or colder in the winter (when you’re not home or awake) can lead to a significant reduction in your energy use.


  • Surge Protectors

Television sets, gaming devices, computers and other electronic devices suck up your electricity even when they are not in use, as long as they are still plugged into a socket.  With surge protectors (such as the Belkin Conserve Switch Surge Protector), you can even switch your devices off remotely. You can also rely on smart plugs like the iDevices Switch, which cuts power to your devices remotely.



Although you cannot do without water, you can regulate the amount of money you spend on water bills. Here are some options that can slash your water expenditure considerably.


  • Smart Toilets

These toilets can help in keeping your home green by getting rid of toilet paper waste and saving water. According to EPA, toilets that come with a WaterSense label minimize water consumption by 20-60%. Consider going green by installing a smart toilet.


  • Smart Water Meter

Failing to keep tabs with your water consumption can occasionally lead to high water bills. As such, you might want to consider a smart home water meter to help you monitor not only how you are utilizing water in your home, but also the amount. In turn, you can easily verify the amount of water that is going into various uses like lawn maintenance or possibly laundry.


  • Faucet Aerator

By installing a high-efficiency faucet aerator on your taps and in your shower, you can minimize your water consumption in half.  The aerator limits the flow of water via the faucet in comparison to the water flow of a tap without an aerator. Furthermore, adding this feature to your taps eliminates your low-pressure problems.



Lastly, by adding a smart home security system you can significantly save your money, particularly on costs like homeowners insurance. You will end up paying lower insurance premiums than usual for putting in the right measures to avert risk.


Do not sit around and let high utility bills be an issue when you decide to move into a new home (or the one you’re already in). You can absolutely do better things with that money. So, be sure to consider the above smart products and a myriad of others on the market today in a bid to save money and go green!


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