How Can I Sell My Home Faster?


Is it like pulling off a miracle when you sell your house within a month? Now, while not all real estate markets in the United States of America have fully recovered from the effects of the Great Recession, Charleston, SC is an area that appreciates perpetually. You may love your home as of right now, but a time may come when you’ll want to sell it and move on accordingly. Don’t allow yourself to learn how to sell in a painful way if others know how to sell your home faster. A great real estate agent will be able to consult you on the process, the market, and sell your house well.


Statistics indicate that the average family home takes 65 days to sell, but the number can vary depending on a variety of factors. Staging tricks like displaying beautiful fresh flowers, painting rooms with neutral white color, or placing new couch pillows will not always entice buyers (after all, they are likely seeing several beautiful homes). Here is what will help you sell your house faster, but be sure to get yourself prepared as the following tips are not always easy or fun. You have to be committed.


  1. Storage Unit

A potential buyer is not interested in your old collection or favorite magazines. Be sure to pack them up and get them out of the house. Clean and get rid of anything you wouldn’t need for the next two months from the closet, top shelves, and attic. All old furniture should get moved, especially those that convey “hoarding” or any adjectives that even come close to the word “clutter.” Without considering the energy used, a typical two or three bedroom house will cost approximately $125 to fit the excess collection in a 10’*20’ storage unit.


  1. Amend Everything

Sounds impossible? Be sure to repair the obvious items that catch the eye such as:


  • Rotten wood
  • Peeling paint
  • Broken windows
  • Running toilets and damaged faucets
  • Stained floors and carpets
  • Broken lights
  • Damaged electrical switches
  • Damage in the Attic from insects like termites
  • Gutters or any crawl spaces that leak


Now be sure to not forget the curb appeal. It is standard human psychology to always be impressed by what we first see in our interactions with people, let alone a home. Be sure to set the right tone with your buyers by giving a great first impression!


  1. Upgrade The Bathrooms

You may need to save more or stretch your budget to accommodate an extra $1500-$2000 to update your bathroom. Would you love to take over a used old bathroom? The least you can do is the following:


  • Buy brand new toilets
  • Get an up to date shower head such as an aquarium or full-bodied shower panel
  • Re-tile any grungy and old-fashioned shower walls and floors


Match the hardware between the faceplates, plumbing fixtures, and the lighting. All should get rubbed with a bronze or satin nickel finish. With a touch of new and fresh towels, recommended favorite skin care products, and a loving steam orchid; your bathroom will look better than even a private spa.


  1. Right Pricing And Get Over Your Pride

Ever wondered why some houses stick around forever  on the selling list? Never allow your ego to determine your home’s sale price.  It is not about what amount your neighbor sold for or your imported décor from Paris or London. It’s about a particular buyer in the United States of America (aka, its never about what you want or like, it’s the audience you’re playing to. In this case it’s the potential buyers). The bidding era is long gone. Be sure that you are prepared for the corresponding emotional ups and downs that come along with the process.


If you look into the above points and implement them before announcing your home for sale, it’s a clear shot that no sooner than when you present it for sale that it will also sell. Note that maintaining a clean house and having it in an always-ready-for-a-showing state is an uphill task, especially with kids and pets around. If you have an extra home and an accommodating work schedule, you might want to move into that other house temporarily. You can also consider moving in with family members, friends, or rent for a short while to allow your home to look perfect at all times for buyers.


If you’re thinking about selling, let’s talk about how much your home is worth.