How Do You Make An Offer On A House?


Looking for that perfect new home can send you through many directions and through lots of doors. When you finally walk into a house that feels right and you can imagine yourself legitimately living there, it’s time to get down to business. That business would be making an offer and starting the process of making the house your home. If you’re interested in how to make an offer on a house, here are a few items to consider.


Making An Offer:

When you find that perfect house, know you are not alone when it comes to making the right offer. You can find expert advice and tools to help you understand the fair value of the house (or even your own). You can find assistance in attaining financing for the home, making a reasonable offer to purchase and assistance in helping you save your money. These are some tips to help you understand the process and get the fairest deal on your next home.


Be Sure To Use Professionals

The first step in purchasing a new house is to seek professional help. Real estate transactions have a lot of parts to them, and you’ll want to work with someone familiar with the process of buying and selling homes. Making an offer on the house is a legal action, so you’ll want to be sure it’s written and presented legally in the best and smartest manner possible. Having a professional and knowledgeable realtor working with you when you find that perfect house puts you in the position to make an offer quickly and correctly.


Even though you may have fallen in love with the house; there are still steps you need to take to ensure it does not end up disappointing you long term. These steps, such as an inspection and appraisal must be performed. The purchase offer should list these as a contingency, so you are not bound to a sale until they’re completed to your satisfaction. There are areas involved in purchasing a new home that entail a lot of confusing terminologies that a professional is going to be able to better understand, explain, and make sure are absolutely taken care of for you.


Review Lender Offers

Most of us need to take out a mortgage to purchase a new house. Sellers will often require proof that you’ve secured a lender to cover the purchase of their home. Review the different lenders available and find one that works within your budget with the right interest rate. Sellers can be swayed into accepting bids from potential buyers who can prove they have the money or backing to make an actual purchase. Having the best lender is another item a great realtor may be able to assist you with.


Keep Your Money Safe

Purchase agreements or offers will list the amount of money you can pay up front for a down payment. This amount can be held safe in an escrow account in case any problems possibly occur during the process. If  the corresponding sale falls through; your money is safe. If the deal does go through, then the money is deducted accordingly from the sale price.


Deliver the Offer

Once you’ve discussed with a professional what the offer should be, you are ready to have it delivered to the seller. It will be their choice whether or not they accept the offer. Sometimes they will make a counter offer somewhere between the asking price and your offer, and then you have the choice of accepting or not. This process can them continue until both of you have reached a satisfactory amount (further emphasizing the need for a great realtor to handle the corresponding negotiations).


When you’ve reached an agreeable purchase price; a legal binding contract is written.  This agreement is best written by a professional who understands real estate laws and terminology and who can explain them to you.


Following through on these tips and getting professional advice will make it possible for your dream home to become your new home.


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