How to Better Your Chances For An Open House Success?


Starting your new home search nowadays typically means first looking online through multiple pages of pictures and reading paragraphs of descriptions. While you will find some exciting properties through this search, you may want to use a traditional method when it’s time to make an offer.  What typically works best and gives the best source of information about a house is performing a traditional walk-through during an open house. This then leads some wonder how to better your chances for an open house success.


Now, if you find a house that promises to make a great home for you, you’ll want to make an offer that gets noticed and not thrown out amongst all those other offers coming in from the open house. There are additional tips for you to consider when you set out to tour open houses. Use this list to make sure any offer you decide to make has a better chance of being accepted.


First Be Sure To Create Rapport with The Seller’s Agent

If you are previewing a new home at a private showing or as part of an open-house event, you’ll need to create a rapport with the seller’s agent. When you get to know the seller’s agent, you get an insight into the seller’s needs and wants with the sale. This insight could inform you of a preferred closing date and even what type of buyer the seller is hoping for in the sale of their home. This information will help you in making an offer that stands out and has a better chance of being chosen.


Utilize Open Houses During The Week

You can gain more critical clues about a property if you attend the open-house during midday or possibly during happy hour on a workday, when less potential buyers will be present. During midday most people will be having their lunch and less likely to appear at the house, giving you a better advantage on viewing and possibly making an offer. The process of purchasing a home may seem a lengthy one, however; it does not take too much time to sell a home.  Be sure to optimize every opportunity you can arrange to get access to the house.


Make Sure To Maintain Your Poker Face

Buyers will often be present at the open house. If this house looks like the answer to your dreams, just make sure to keep your excitement to yourself. More so, save the feelings for your celebration if your offer actually gets accepted. Buyers will be looking for a level of interest in their property and reactions could affect which offers they will take and how quickly.


Private Tours Can Be A Good Idea

Having a private tour is an excellent opportunity for you to get a closer look at the house. During private tours with an agent, it is unlikely the buyer will be present. Ask your agent if  you can schedule a private visit before the doors open to the open-house and insist on this point if you are interested in making an offer for the property. If the house turns out to be what you’re looking for, make your bid compelling. The seller will then compare all other offers against what you have set.


Get to Know The Neighborhood

Be sure to explore the neighborhood where your ideal house is located. Driving by the house on a weekday morning or in the evening will give you an idea of who you will be living close to. You may even decide to drive by again during rush hour to determine what type of traffic you’ll have to deal with in your typical day to day. This information is almost as valuable as the condition of the actual property itself. Who you live near and the location of your home will strongly affect your happiness with your new home.


At the end of the day, buying a home is not always the easiest; but it does not need to be complicated.


Having the right real estate agent can be the difference between a frustrating and painstaking process, versus one that leaves you happy.


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