How To Sell A Home While Living With Children?


Selling your home is not always as easy as 1,2,3. Even in a market like Charleston, it can still take time. It’s a process that can take a great deal of work for those seeking to sell. Before you can begin looking for prospective buyers, you have to make the house ‘showable’ and ‘presentable.’ I know that you’re probably already thinking that this means your home has to be uncluttered, clean, and looking it’s very best. Simple task, right? Yes, if you don’t have children running around that is! The very thought of how to sell a home while living with children might just be leaving you awestruck, as it can be a whole new challenge. Be assured though, a great and knowledgeable realtor will be able to help make this process as easy for you and your family as possible. 


Tips on Successfully Selling Your Home While Your Children Still Live with You

Children, especially young ones, have a lot of items that go along with them. There are more than likely several toy boxes and areas dedicated to play time in your home. These toys and areas are almost impossible to consistently keep clean, and your children could panic if you try to store any of their favorites. You might be wondering just how you will ever get the house ready for viewing? While it may be more of a challenge, it isn’t impossible, and with these few tips, you may soon find your home sold on the market.


Allow your Children to Pack

Giving your child the job of packing their possessions (if they are old enough) will make them feel they have more of a say and some control in this whole process. It will make them more willing helpers if they have a part in how and when it happens. You might seek to sit with your child and explain how some of their toys, books, and clothes will have to go away for a while, but they will come back out in the new home. This opportunity could also be an ideal time for your child to weed out those un-played with or unneeded toys and make a box for needy children (or for ones you may want to sell on eBay or Amazon).


If prospective buyers come through your home to view for a possible purchase and know you have children, they likely are not going to expect perfection and will likely be more understanding than you may think (note though that that doesn’t mean you can still leave tons of toys scattered around the place). Just don’t obsess too much about everything being in it’s absolute place as no one expects kids to be perfect and your home will not be judged if Tickle Me Elmo or fidget spinners were left out on a couch.


Prepare Ahead for Showings

Once your home is listed on the market, you need to have a plan in place where you and the kids can go when a call comes announcing a showing. This time can be stressful as your schedule will be interrupted and changed. Preparing ahead can make for a more fun and much less stressful time.


Ahead of time, be sure to prepare places to go that are fun and will make your children look forward to showings instead of dreading them. Some realtors will work with you to schedule showings at more appropriate times for your schedule; but sometimes it might not always be possible. Check with your realtor to see if there are times that work best for you that they can use as a guide for when to schedule the most views.


Take Photos of An Uncluttered Home

Pictures of your home should be taken with as little clutter showing as possible. This is the time when all the toys should be in their place, and all the extras are put or packed away. Clutter in a home photo is very distracting and displeasing to potential buyers. You can put away those everyday appliances such as toasters, coffee makers, and bathroom counter items. Clean up mantels, bookshelves, and anything that will show your home has room for more. Great photos will draw more potential buyers to view your home. Again, your home does not have to be clutter free and absolutely picture perfect all the time, but to optimize your opportunities and chances; this must be done when shots are taken of your home. A great and knowledgeable realtor will have experience and expertise on how to best stage your home for optimal success.


Selling your house while your children are still living at home can be much easier when you involve the kids in the process. Let them help you prepare (some of) the house and make the experience an adventure.


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