How To Tell If You’ll Love A New Neighborhood?

Moving is usually no simple task. Not only do you have to ascertain that you’ve found a home in a great area, but you also have to determine that the chosen area will fit your daily needs. Therefore, you should factor in some things like proximity to work, school, daily commute, and so much more. Now this might have left you wondering how to tell if you love a new neighborhood.  Before making the big move, be sure to consider these factors.


The Weather

If you’re someone who loves avoiding brutally hot summers and harsh winters, Charleston, SC is a great city to choose. You’ll have lots of activities to do all year since the weather is amazing here. On the coldest day, it’ll not typically be below 38 degrees while the temperatures will rarely be above 90 degrees in the summer. Even on the hotter days in the summer, the ocean breeze tends to make things cooler and the heat doesn’t feel as strong.


Besides, being recently amongst the top 10 best cities for water activities, you’ll love the ocean and rivers. Therefore, you can even take advantage of considering a waterfront location for such events and activities. Through this, you’ll be able to take full advantage of outdoor activities in the Charleston area, whether it’s kayaking, boating, paddle boarding, or relaxing on the beach.


The Future

Most people when moving have to consider their way forward. This might include their career, education, or even starting a business. Well, if you’re wondering what schools to take your kids, a city like Charleston has the best to choose from. Since it has the second largest school system in South Carolina, you’ll have a wide array of schools to choose from.


Nonetheless, for job opportunities, there’s a 2.8% job growth, with a 41.55% future job growth forecast. Therefore, for new opportunities, you’ll be certain that you’ll find the right fit for you. With such a city, you’re sure that you’ll love it for the opportunities and the conducive environment.



For the outdoor people, there are lots of activities which you can do. Be it walking, running or jogging, and visiting museums, amongst others; you need a place which will satisfy these needs. You want an area in which you can be free to do everything which you love. A neighborhood in which you’ll not feel strained to fit in.


As for Charleston, there are beautiful parks in which you can spend your free time or with your four legged friends. More so, you can dive into the vibrant arts and culture history and learn more about your city. There’s a lot to explore within such a city, thus making your living there worthwhile.


Besides, Charleston has a great local flare, mostly from it’s culinary scene which offers some of the best seafood and classic southern dishes as well as varieties of hip fusion restaurants.



Your proximity to everything around you is crucial. That is, you need a place which is quiet but also has everything which you’ll need daily. Besides this, security too might be another concern. When looking for a place which you’ll love, ascertain that the parks, gyms, community centers, markets, or even theaters are nearby. A great realtor will be able to help with this, as well as a number of sites or Facebook groups can be found online to go more in depth about specific neighborhoods throughout the city.


As for the security, you can choose a neighborhood with gates or one without. Crime is not a major issue in Charleston and the surrounding area, so it’s not vastly important whether your neighborhood does or does not have one (and that ultimately is a decision up to you and your family) . If you have an oceanfront home or one on any of the nearby rivers, you can also take advantage of the waterways and travel around the area and view the scenic landscape of the lowcountry!


Live Happily

By finding such a city or place which appeals to your needs, you’ll be certain that it’s a place in which you can build your future. Nonetheless, if starting a family, that it’ll be a perfect place for your children to grow up happily. With lots of fun activities, job opportunities and schools which your children can attend, you’re set for the perfect neighborhood.


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