What Are The Best Home Staging Tricks For Selling A Home?


When selling a home, one of the key parts of a successful sale is making a good first impression. The first thing a buyer sees often stays with them and guides their purchasing decisions. When selling a home proper staging creates a good first impression in buyers and starts the sale from a positive position. Here are seven home staging tips to keep in mind.  


Seven Home Staging Tips


1. Do Not Ignore The Exterior: the exterior of your home is part of it and needs staging as much as any room inside the home. Your home’s exterior is likely the first thing a potential buyer sees so it is vital that it sets a positive tone. Consider having the landscaping redone, clean all pathways to the home, power wash the exterior, and touch up or repaint any exterior blemishes. Also, do not overlook the little things such as an inviting welcome mat.   


2. Reduce Clutter: A fact of modern life is you tend to collect possessions the longer you live in a single place. When staging your home, be sure to reduce as much clutter as possible. Anything that is not essential to daily living should be stored. This creates a neater home and gives an impression of more space. Homes with smaller rooms especially benefit from clutter reduction.   


3. Remove The Drapes: By removing drapes you not only show more of your home’s interior design but you also increase the amount of light in a room. Increased light makes a home feel larger, brighter, and less deary.


4. Consider Repainting The Interior: A fresh coat of paint can help with the overall staging process, especially if you are going for a specific style or look. In the general sense neutral colors are advisable as they don’t clash, come across as loud, or as too weak. Even if completely repainting your home is unnecessary, be sure to consider touch ups as paint fades over time even in well-maintained homes.


5. Hire A Professional Cleaner: Always have a home professionally cleaned before staging it. The carpets should be deep cleaned and any wood floors refinished as needed. Your home needs to be immaculate and professional cleaning is part of the overall staging process.    


6. Remove Personal Items: When staging a home you want potential buyers to imagine the home as their own. Part of achieving this is making them forget somebody already lives there. You can do this by removing family photos, keepsakes, and use a more neutral layout in rooms that have a particular theme such as a game room.


7. You Do Not Need To Stage The Entire House: Lastly, if you are already in process of moving out (or have already done so) remember that only certain rooms need staging. These are the most important rooms in the home and include the dining room, living room, kitchen, master bedroom, and master bathroom.


Final Thoughts

By using proper staging techniques, a home is far more likely to sell. As the above shows, there are a lot of different considerations when staging your home. There is an ‘art’ to successful home staging and expert advisers can help you succeed. By hiring an experienced realtor you gain someone who can provide expert advice and assistance in properly staging your home.


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