What Are The Top Home Improvements To Increase The Value Of My Home?


Many seek to improve the investment on their house and might be looking for ways to increase it’s overall value for a future time when they decide to sell. Improving your Charleston, SC house is truly all about choices and options. What it will really come down to is how much are you willing to spend on the renovations, and personal preferences. This could leave you with a number of questions including, what are the top home improvements to increase the value of my home? You could also be wondering what kind of renovation features and projects will have a greater appeal to buyers if you’re looking to possibly sell sometime in the future.


You need to keep in mind that home buying and design preferences are very intense personal choices. Therefore, not all people will like the kind of changes that you will make to your house. You may be able to increase your home resale value nonetheless by swapping out some of the elements present, playing up certain aspects of your house, and adding certain keywords to your house listing. A knowledgeable and great realtor will be able to give you further advice on what to upgrade when looking to sell and what may not be so worth improving.


Look into some of these home improvement tips, and you’ll likely find the resale value of your home increasing:


1. Upgrade Your Kitchen

A number of real estate experts believe that a kitchen upgrade will provide the greatest return on your investment. It is one of the home improvement areas that will give you the greatest return on your investment. To make this happen, you can:


  • Do a mini-renovation: Changing the paint may sound simple, but it always works. Additionally, you can opt to paint a faux-wood like finish to your existing cabinets. It looks the same as cherry. 


  • Add a splash of color: A backsplash can accompany this color upgrade. New tile on the floors will also be attractive and will make your house appear clean.


  • Go stainless steel: Buyers will typically always go for the cold feel of steel over any other type of appliances. Therefore, should your appliances be wearing out, transitioning your appliances to stainless steel ones might not be a bad idea. You can also go for a similar look with the light switches. Starting the transition early means you will not be bogged down with renovation expenses when you decide to sell.


2. Beautify the Bathroom

Of all the rooms that are present in your home, the bathroom tends to be the workhorse. It is the one place where there is more wear and tear than anywhere else. You will, therefore, want to ensure that the area is completely functional and to continue making upgrades. The little upgrades here will pay handsomely later on when listing your house.


  • Focus on the faucet: Bathrooms are no longer what they used to be in the past. Many home buyers want to feel relaxed, as though they are hanging out in their favorite spa. Rather than go for the drop-sinks, you might want to looking into getting under-mount sinks.


  • Choose marble or granite for the countertops: In case you have already thought of using granite for the countertops, the bathroom counter in all likelihood will be one of the smaller counters in your house. It will, therefore, be an excellent idea for you to see how incorporating granite in other areas could be like as well.


  • Keep your bathroom clean: Grime and dirt tend to become embedded in surfaces very fast. You must, therefore, freshen your bath with new grout to make it as fresh and pristine as possible.


Final Words

You need to plan your home improvement project duly and intelligently. If your plan is to sell your home in a few years, the fastest way to go about improving it’s value will be by coming up with a remodeling plan. You and your family will fare better when you make the upgrades intentionally, rather than on impulse basis. Make a remodeling plan, categorize the improvements to be made, and stick to your list.


If you’re thinking about selling, come check out how much your home is worth here.