What Are The Top Reasons My Home Isn’t Selling?


Numerous hurdles may occur when you decide to sell your home,  including a very possible delay in actually getting your home sold. When the time starts to fly by a little too much, you can get a bit stressed when considering the amount of time and money that you have invested in improving your house over the years. Worst-case scenario, the home may be possibly incurring you additional mortgage payments every month until it is actually sold.  Whether it might be that you have the wrong realtor or something else, there may be a number of reasons why your home isn’t selling.

Here are a few to consider:




You likely already are very well aware that price is an obviously fundamental aspect of selling your home.  Nonetheless, be sure to avoid thinking that a low priced house may get you a desired quick sale. Mainly, this is because most potential homebuyers are looking for competitively priced homes. On the other hand, a highly priced home may scare away potential buyers as well. Having the right real estate agent will be able to help you price your home in optimal range to keep it competitive and sell faster.


Severely Outdated


Most buyers are only interested in homes that appear to have been well maintained over the years.  This interest is propelled by the motivation to avoid remodeling expenses or even possible replacement costs after buying your house. Hence, consider making low-cost upgrades before placing your home on the market.  Simple alterations like new kitchen fixtures, a fresh coat of paint and new locks (or surprisingly door knobs) can go a long way in scoring you an offer.


Too Much Attachment


Being too close (emotionally that is) to your home may be a possible impediment to the sale of your home.  If you do not allow for any price negotiation with potential buyers, then your home may stay in the market for a good amount of time.  It is normal for you to feel like your home is the absolute best based on it’s improvements or features, as it was the home you lived in for a significant amount of your life. However, if you really want it to sell it, you have to place your feelings aside and come to an agreement with a buyer. Knowing a knowledgeable and informed real estate agent will be invaluable when it comes to pricing and marking the advantages of your home competitively compared to what else is on the market.


You’re Consistently Present at All Home Showings


Most potential home buyers may feel uncomfortable when viewing your home (or emotions could be running high), more so if you are always around them. They may not feel free to ask sensitive questions or make comments about the house in your presence. This could stop them from asking things they really want to know, or to you possibly not hearing things that you really need to be hearing. For this reason, leave the showings to your agent.


Poor Cleaning


You can be sure that a dirty home leaves a bad first impression on potential buyers. Hence,  be sure to prep your house before any showing by making sure that all rooms and items are spotlessly clean. A clean home is likely to accentuate it’s beauty and value, which may land you a quicker sale. You should be able to coordinate appropriate times for house showings with your realtor, but that may not always be the case as we all have different schedules. This will help you in optimizing how well maintained your house is, as well as optimize the possibility of their first impression being an absolute grand slam.


Bad Photos


Considering the current advancement in technology, you can rest assured that most potential buyers typically check the internet to find out possibly further information on your house. As such, most of them rely on listing photos to make their decision. Ensuring that your photos are taken at great angles, and have great lighting is the difference between a score of potential buyers versus people solely window shopping. A great realtor will easily be able to help you in finding a great photographer to take the proper type of photos that will get your house sold.


The House is Unkempt and Does Not Smell Pleasant


Every house has it’s own unique smell, which is determined by a lot of factors; whether that’s kids, the type of food you consistently cook, or even your pets. As such, it is imperative that you get your friend’s (or at least an outside) opinion about the smell of your house to avoid being biased. While the remedy for some odors may be just scented candles, other odors may be a sign of trouble such as mold or possible mildew.


These are only a couple of items that could effect your home for selling.


If you’re thinking about selling, come check out how much your home is worth here.