What Are The Top Things To Do With Your Dog In Charleston?


Dogs have often always typically been described as man’s best friend. Charleston SC is renowned for it’s fine southern charm, cobblestone streets and architecture, and an exquisite dining experience. The city has also made a name for being one of the most dog-friendly places you will ever visit. Winning the 2016 edition of the Best Pet Travelers City competition attests to this. This may have left yourself wondering, what are the top things to do with your dog in Charleston?


Walking down the streets of Charleston, don’t be surprised when you notice tens of residents and visitors walking or even playing with their dogs everywhere. Simply put, rearing dogs is part of the city’s culture due to how often local citizens prefer being outside as soon as the weather permits. This coupled with the fact that Charleston has lenient laws pertaining to pet rearing, has encouraged more residents to walk around with their dogs or enjoy the local sights accompanied by their furry friends!


Even though Charleston is known for its dog-friendly nature, there are certain rules that must be adhered to nonetheless. Most importantly, the dogs require a leash the majority of the time. The following are the top places to take your dog in Charleston.


Stroll King Street

Do you want to learn more about Charleston’s rich history while enjoying a cool afternoon sea breeze? If so, a walk on King Street absolutely needs to be be on your bucket list. This street dates back to the Civil War, and is a favorite among dog owners. It is impeccably kept, and faces Charleston Harbor thus ensuring that you amply catch the cool breeze whenever you take your dog for a walk. If you’re looking something really special, be sure to check out Second Sundays on King Street (when the street is blocked off from cars and scores of guests delight on the local boutiques and restaurants). It’s a dog lovers paradise!


Waterfront Park

Located right at the end of King Street is Charleston’s renowned Waterfront Park. It is one of the most favorite weekend hangout spots among residents and visitors alike. The ample space ensures that you can play with your dog and even socialize with other pet owners in the process. The park is characterized by winding walking paths, cool evening ocean breezes, and salty air, which your dogs will certainly love. The park is loved by pet owners since it has leash-free hours.


Marion Square And The Charleston Farmer’s Market

Marion Square is a central plaza located in downtown Charleston. Whether it’s seeking a few items from your grocery list when the Farmer’s Market is open; this square is an open space that hosts a number of events, be it Spring or Fall. These festivities include food festivals, Charleston fashion week,  and even a few music festivals. The food festivals are known for accommodating dogs. Some even go ahead to offer treats including food and water. Even if you want to go when there is no event set up, your dog will definitely have as much fun as you at this famed hotspot.


James Island County Park

While this park may be further from downtown, it is one of the best places to take your dog to. James Island County Park is expansive enough to allow you let your dog free from its leash. It features pools, miniature balls, and other remarkable features, which make the $2 admission fee look like a bargain.


Hampton Park Dog Park

Should you prefer a park that is closer to Upper King Street, you may be able to get your fix at this park on Grove Street not too far away from Hampton Park. Centrally located with ample parking as well, this park includes a water spigot specifically for the dogs and a few benches for you to relax on.



What’s the point of having a dog in Charleston if you’re not going to take it to the beach? Nothing gives dog owners greater satisfaction than seeing their pets belly-flopping on sand and playing in the water with careless abandon. You have to check out any of Charleston’s public beaches (Sullivan’s Island and Folly Beach) with your four legged friends. Nonetheless, a number of restrictions do come into play when with Toto on the beach. During the April-September season, most Charleston beaches only admit pets at off-peak hours (early morning and in the evening). This can make it even more fun since you will only be allowed to be on the beach when there are less people. This also decreases the possibility of running into any issues with other dog owners or possibly tourists on the beach.


There are numerous dog-friendly things to do in Charleston. Even when visiting the city with your favorite dogs, you will have an endless array of places to visit, and activities to partake in. If you are a pet lover, consider visiting Charleston to savor the city’s dog-friendly culture if you haven’t already.


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