What Do People Forget To Consider When Buying A New Home?

Have you possibly been you considering buying a new home recently? While the process of getting the right match for your lifestyle can be challenging, there are numerous important factors to consider when looking for a new home. Now, when deciding on where to live some may prioritize proximity to nightlife or coffee shops or possibly grocery stores. Another buyer could be heavily focused solely on the neighborhood and their neighbors around them. Others may consider adjacency to schools or even the beach. A great realtor will always be able to find the right location for you, whatever your needs may be.


Make note though, one of the top factors that people tend to forget when its comes to buying a new home (minus those who are retired) is their commute to work. The distance from home to work directly affects your daily routine such as possibly having to leave early to get to work on time. Additionally, it affects your transport expenses such as gas, tickets, or possibly parking costs (and so on and so on). Furthermore, while Charleston isn’t a mega city like a New York, Atlanta or DC (so you won’t be in a commute for hours throughout the day); numerous studies have shown how toxic a long commute can become.


Here are essential tips to help you evaluate the true suitability of your new potential new home.


How Long Would It Take To Get To Work?

Before you settle on that dream house of yours, first determine how long it would take you to get to work. You can do a test to know the commuting distance from your potential future property to your workplace using different means such as your car or possibly a local transportation line (like the CARTA). It will help you to evaluate how much time you will spend along the way, back and forth. Now, envision yourself doing that each day and determine if it’s okay to you or not. If you feel uncomfortable with the distance and the time, it’s better to go ahead and look for another house closer to your workplace.


Are There Alternative Routes to Your Workplace?

When looking for a new house, be sure to research the transport network around the area to find alternative ways as well. If you are moving to a new neighborhood, a great realtor will be able to help you get further knowledge about your area. An advantage of knowing alternative routes is that you can save the time you would spend in traffic using the usual route (knowing an alternative to I-526 when necessary is always a great thing to know. There are also apps like Waze that might be able to help you as well). Although some alternative routes may be physically longer, you can save plenty of time depending on possible traffic conditions or if there are possible major events going on in the city (which Charleston does typically end up having plenty of).


Additionally, you can discover which routes are busier than others at given times throughout the day. For example, if it could possibly take you about an hour or more using the main highway during rush hours. Some routes may be longer, but less busy during such time, helping you cut the time it would take you to get to your office or home. This will  allow you to invest your time into better invested activities rather than just sitting in your car.


Calculate Your Commute Expenses

Well, you may have found your dream home and a cool neighborhood, but how much would you be willing to spend for a commute to work and other facilities? The cost can have a direct impact on your income and savings altogether. Therefore, it is important to note how well you can manage to pay for your commute including gas, bus fares or possibly costs to maintain your bike (depending on your preferred choice of transportation and overall proximity to your work). Also, be sure to keep in mind that while gas prices in 2017 have been low, that definitely may not always be the case in the future.


What’s Your Current Status?

At what stage in life are you? Do you have other priorities? For example, if your child’s school is just a few blocks from the new house you may compromise on the commute factor to suit your overall family’s needs. Furthermore, if you are possibly taking care of your elderly parents and the neighborhood seems right for them, you may trade the better location (for them) for longer commutes for yourself. At that point, it’s all a question about sacrifices and what’s best for your family.


With a large family or a growing household, you may even opt to go for houses away from town centers. Such homes may come with large expansion spaces and are relatively lower in price compared to townhouses. However, your decision about your new home will depend on the accessibility of the rest of your family members to various needed amenities (whether it’s your kids’ schools, or possibly your partner’s work, etc).


At the end of day, it all comes down to how comfortable you will be in your new home. While getting a small house near your workplace may save you a few bucks, you need to consider additional factors. Your family needs will help you decide on a pleasant home to suit every member of your family. More to this, you should consider your income status and lifestyle to manage commuter expenses comfortably (and truly account for them accordingly). With the help of a great real estate agent, you can find alternative routes to work that would save you time on the road. Furthermore, they will be able to help you choose a great home, that is in the right location for you and meets your needs. 


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