What Makes A Neighborhood Great?


To both tourists and locals, Charleston SC is not just a top travel destination, but also a vibrant place to live in and work. Being one of the gems of the East Coast, the neighborhoods here present a mix of activity, world-class restaurants, history, and beauty. In fact, the job industry here is mostly military, technology, and tourism. However, do not make the mistake of settling for any home that hits the market.


Understand that choosing a great neighborhood leaves you with a property that depreciates at a slower rate. In real estate, location is a common mantra, meaning that the golden rule when closing a deal is to remember you are also buying to become part of the neighborhood too. As you evaluate your opinion on what a great neighborhood would be, be sure to match that to your immediate and future needs. If you are planning to permanently relocate to Charleston SC with your family, below are excellent areas to consider.



Downtown has an electric lifestyle, a quaint city rich in golf courses, adventure, beaches and high-end shopping. Adorned with beauty and a touch of history, Downtown is accentuated by cobblestone streets, church steeples, custom iron gates, and a general historical look and feel.


South of Broad is a highly sought after neighborhood you might want to consider. Here, you find will find lash architectural details with iron-fenced courtyards, quaint carriage houses, and sophisticated mansions. It is also one of the most exclusive areas in all of Charleston. Although it is popular with horse-drawn carriages and tourists, it tends to be a very quiet neighborhood, allowing the residents to enjoy the tranquility of the suburbs while being located downtown.



Summerville is known for successful school football teams. The seventh largest neighborhood in South Carolina is a highly desired place to live for people of all ages for its reputation of top school districts. It is endeared for its close proximity to area hospitals, schools, and even major job hubs like Volvo and Boeing.


Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is a great neighborhood to live in for its many shopping centers, schools, restaurants, recreational activities, and tranquil living. Among its neighborhoods, the Old Village and I’On tend to be the most popular. The Old Village is close-knit, with most of its residents having lived there for generations. Although the real estate here can be pricey, the advantage is that kids have access to easy biking to school, fishing, and even the local Mount Pleasant Library (one of the busiest in the state).


West Ashley

Across the Ashley River lies West Ashley, a city with a rich set of styles when it comes to homes for sale, and a huge shopping center. This charming area is diverse offering many lifestyle perks and has an ecclectic mix of locals including retirees, students, families, and professionals. The beauty of West Ashley is that it has something unique for each family. One notable neighborhood here is the Byrnes Down. It has manageable house with sizes of up to three bedrooms, one can easily access the West Ashley Greenway, and the trees are canopied as well.


The Islands

The islands (like Daniel’s Island and Sullivan’s Island) leave a breathtaking view of landscape and beaches, making it the perfect place for nature-loving families. Sullivan’s island especially has a high demand. This island has a rich history and natural beauty that has a way of absolutely charming home buyers. Across Charleston, this is the city where you can even find oceanfront public elementary schools.


From its sophisticated culture, great schools, temperatures, to historical architecture, The Holy City (Charleston), is America’s most beautiful and hard to leave city. If you are looking to buy a home, Charleston’s neighborhoods will have exciting spots to consider.


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