What Should I Ask My Listing Agent During Our First Meeting?

Selling a house is quite a hectic process nowadays. With the entry of so many real estate agents, it has become important to often ensure that you clarify all the important information before engaging in any commitments. The reason for this is that you need to be sure that you are giving the right person the responsibility of selling your house. Thus, getting the right listing agent is one of the most significant steps towards successfully selling your home. The next part of this initial phase you might be wondering is what should I ask the listing agent during our first meeting?


Now, the ideal agent is not defined by the biggest promises and ads but the reputation and experience the individual has had in your target market. If this is your first time selling your home, you could be wondering a number of things. Smart preparation and research will help you engage the right agent to sell your home.


Things that you need to prepare:

Making thorough preparation before meeting any listing agent will increase your chances of having your home sold faster. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for meeting a great and knowledgeable real estate agent.


Prepare the areas requiring repairs, upgrades and maintenance

It is important to ensure that you have your home ready for viewing before hiring a listing agent. Chances are high that potential buyers will go for a home that is in best condition. Take note of areas in possible need of upgrades or repairs and maintenance; as such aspects are important in the home valuation. However, it is recommendable to hold on upgrading and repairing your house (if your house is in need of an overhaul) before meeting the agent and getting advice on what items are best to maintain or upgrade (that will give you the most value for your money).


What is your selling time frame?

When are you looking to sell your house? Is it urgent or do you have an adequate amount of time? You need to be specific on your time frame as this will help the listing agent determine how to optimize the sale of your home to your own preferences. The reason for this is that the time affects the listing price.


Questions to ask your listing agent

Now that you are ready in terms of the things to prepare, you need also to be prepared on what questions to ask the listing agent as this will help you determine their suitability for your house.


Here are a few questions that will help you prepare adequately for the first meeting with your listing agent in Charleston, SC: 

First, ask the listing agent about the number of houses that they have sold within your desired neighborhood or area in the past. Your ideal listing agent ought to be the one who has sold more than just a few houses in your neighborhood.


Secondly, determine the agent’s present number of seller accounts. Often, while it is important to hire an agent who has many accounts, it is also advisable to avoid agents who have way too much going on and can’t give you the proper service you need. Consider a listing agent who has the capacity to sell your house at all costs.


Thirdly, the most important question is about the value and price of your house. In addition, ensure that you get their reasoning behind any price they give you as this will also be a way of evaluating their suitability at the real estate business.


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